Update: October 25, 2017

MPP Harris holds Minister Hoskins to account at Estimates Committee and reveals that the Minister has failed to publish the findings of his “Rare Disease Working Group” despite having their report for “several months” (a report that was initially due in Fall, 2016)!

See MPP Harris’ news release here

See Minister admit to holding back report:

Please find the entire Q&A at Estimates here:


Update: February 27, 2017

MPP Harris tables an updated #TreatRareDisease motion to hold the Government’s Rare Disease “Working Group” to account. View the motion here. 

Update: May 18, 2016

I have written an order paper question to the Minister of Health to see an update of the Rare Disease Working Group that he promised when he defeated my motion. See his lack-luster response below, or click Order Paper Question :

Order Paper Question

March 2016

Thank you everyone for your support and efforts over the months of our #TreatRareDisease Campaign in the lead up to the motion and debate on March 3rd.

To the patients, the sufferers who came to Queen’s Park on March 3rd, those we met on the #TreatRareDisease tour, those who wrote in to TreatRareDisease.ca to share their personal stories, I thank you and want to assure you that our efforts continue despite the motion’s results.

While the vote was disappointing, it did nothing to take away the advances that have been made through much hard work and effort to bring your stories forward, and I will continue to push forward to ensure those efforts were not in vain.

I cannot say enough about the wonderful people we’ve met – patients, caregivers, advocates, families – from all corners of the province, as our journey for rare disease treatment gained ground. The stories shared, the support we received throughout, and the coming together of approximately 100 patients and advocates at Queen’s Park, made the vote only a small set-back in an ongoing journey for awareness and support.

Please continue to visit our website, share your stories, and contact your MPP’s to tell them your response to yesterday’s events and ongoing work to ensure together, we will all continue to move this forward.

As we look toward our next steps, please take the opportunity to check out some of the video clips from question period and media reports of events from the motion day:

Thanks to you for everything we’ve accomplished to this point through our fight to #TreatRareDisease, and I look forward to our continued united efforts as we take next steps towards ensuring those advances will not be lost,

Michael Harris, MPP – Kitchener-Conestoga

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