Drugs for rare diseases too hard to get, Ontario Tories say

May 27, 2015

Toronto Star

Ontario’s system of funding breakthrough drugs for rare diseases should go back to the drawing board, Progressive Conservatives said as the government agreed to review the criteria for one $70,000 medication.

People with rare brain disease want drug costs covered

May 27, 2015

North Bay Nugget

John Adams is battling the Ontario Public Drug Program bureaucracy which he says has set such a high bar for coverage of the drug Kuvan that no one with PKU, a brain-threatening disorder, has been able to access it.

Ontario to review criteria for drug for PKU patients

May 27, 2015

CTV News

Ontario’s health minister promised Wednesday to review the criteria for a drug that helps patients with a rare disorder known as PKU after advocates complained no one was actually qualifying for the medication.

Drugs for rare diseases too hard to get, Ontario Tories say

May 27, 2015

Cambridge Times

Ontario needs to take a closer look at how it funds breakthrough drugs for rare diseases, the Progressive Conservatives urged Wednesday as a group of patients came to push for better coverage of a $70,000-a-year medication.

MPP Michael Harris calls for Select Committee into rare disease funding

May 27, 2015

Queens Park – Today, Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris took a first significant step towards finding solutions for the continuous line of rare disease sufferers who are forced to plead at Queens Park for life-saving and disease-altering medication.

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